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To keep our online preschool running smoothly, please agree to all of these policies:
I understand that after signing up, I will receive an email with access to the preschool's member's area, and I will find resources there on how the preschool runs.
I understand that all fees paid aren't refundable, and I can cancel anytime.
I understand that I will need to log my child into the Zoom classroom, but I do not need to stay during class time. However, I understand that Shining Light Online Academy is not a babysitter, and that if my child is not being safe/respectful during online preschool, that the teacher will talk to me about finding a solution to help my child be safe and respectful.
I understand that after I sign up, I will join a free private Facebook group where ALL communications will be held. I understand that joining the free private Facebook group is highly recommended.
Lastly, I understand that after I register and sign up for online preschool, it may take Shining Light Online Academy up to 24 hours to send instructions on how to access the preschool classes.